9 Ways to Stop Cravings for Unhealthy Foods

Denis Atanasov 07.02.2019

You go to the refrigerator after hours of work ... but you find nothing suitable for your diet. At this moment, you see on the counter a box of biscuits that someone has forgotten (presumably without asking). You are approaching quietly, being careful not to see anyone. You open the box and ... oh, yes, it is not empty, there are some crackers. You are so hungry that you can not stand and eat one. But you already eat one, why not one more? And the whole box is gone. You come back to your desk, but you can not concentrate on working. It arouses you the thought that you have sinned (just as you just ate all biscuits). There is anger, despair, then a tide of adrenaline and all sorts of emotions.

If this scenario sounds familiar, do not worry, you're not the only one. A large group of people who follow diets experience similar moments. Fighting the biggest enemy at this time - unhealthy food and sugar - is extremely difficult. But with time things are getting easier, the question is if you have the will, the desire and the motivation to go through this kinf of periods.

Here are some tips on how to control your appetite for unhealthy foods:

1. Drink more water

Often, one can not make the difference between hunger and thirst. When you lead a sedentary lifestyle (for example, you work at a desk), the brain forces you to get up and do something. But instead of going to the refrigerator, first drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes. You will notice that the hunger often goes away and you just have been bored.

2. Let the mint tea become your favorite drink

According to some studies, inhalation of the mint flavor every 2 hours leads to the intake of 1800 calories less than usual. It also suppresses the appetite for fatty foods and sugar.

3. Eat more protein and fiber

Taking more protein and fiber will make you feel full for longer, reduce your appetite and you will feel better (as opposed to chips, white bread and others under known as "empty calories"). You can include in your menu, for example, lean meat plus a green salad or cookies with oatmeal and curd.

4. Stay away from unhealthy foods

For example, if you feel that you are eating something sweet, instead of going to the cabinet to check if there is any left, go out for a quick walk or do anything that will make you think of something else. You can also try to chew a gum.

5. Meditate

Strangely enough, research shows that meditation helps control appetite for harmful foods and reduces their consumption by people who are addicted to food by as much as 70%! In addition, meditation will help with concentration, improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you with the relationship with other people. You do not have to sit for half an hour in the "Ohm" position and try to fight with the devil in your head. You can just relax in the chair, close your eyes and keep calm for 5 minutes.

6. Plan your meals

When you have a clear plan of what you will include in your menu during the day or even during the week, and of course you take the time to prepare your meals, the likelihood of succumbing to the appetizing tastes that in essence scream "Unhealthy!" significantly. So, no matter how much you have to do - work, children, cleaning, and so on - do not forget that your body is a temple and needs care.

7. Do not let yourself stay hungry for too long

That, as you can guess, will only lead to one - you will go to the first tasty food you see. Eat regularly and keep raw nuts, fruits at your fingertips to keep your hunger away. This way you will not think so much about the chips in the cabinet.

8. Sleep enough

If you have not read our article on why sleep is so important, now is the time to do it. In short: Your appetite affects hormones, which in depend on the quantity and quality of your sleep. When you sleep a little, you feel tired, you lack concentration, you get nervous easily, you also feel a great hunger. Especially for unhealthy oysters and home cookies. According to some studies - people who do not sleep enough, the probability of gaining weight is up to 55%! So think carefully about how late you'll be going to bed tonight.

9. Do not go to the store when you're hungry

Never, never, never! Stores are probably the worst place you can be when you're hungry. First, access to food is made easier. Secondly, stores use merchandising tricks and usually bad food choices are located at the level of your eyes, at checkpoints and other places where you can easily notice them and impulsively touch them.

Healthy eating is a rather complex task, especially in our busy and fulfilled daily routine. But our body is a machine that requires maintenance. If we do not take care of it, it will simply get damaged and it will not work well.

We hope this article has helped you. If you need to know which foods are useful for you, do not hesitate - contact us via our contact form on +359 896 152 692 or order your diet.

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