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These Policies define the obligations of Trade Fair Trips Ltd., UIC 201945156, with registered seat and business address in the city of Varna, 9000, District Varna, Municipality Varna, Odesos region, 1-A Ideal Petrov Str., 6th floor, ap. 54 (”ADMINISTRATOR”) in terms of protecting the personal data and rights of the consumers and clients of the website (in this context, the “data subjects”) in relation to their personal data in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Information about us

  • Name: Trade Fair Trips Ltd.
  • UIC/BULSTAT: 201945156
  • Business address: Varna city 9000, District Varna, Municipality Varna, Odesos region, 1-A Ideal Petrov Str., 6th floor, ap. 54
  • Correspondence address: Varna city 9000, District Varna, Municipality Varna, Odesos region, 26 Petko Karavelov Str., 3rd floor, office 3
  • E-mail: 

These policies define the obligations of the ADMINISTRATOR in terms of the collection, processing, transferring, storage and deletion of personal data related to the data subjects. The company is committed not only to the letter of the law, but also to the spirit of the law and attaches great importance to the proper, lawful and fair treatment of all personal data, respecting the lawful rights, privacy and trust of all individuals who are users/clients of the website

This Privacy Policy is effective as of 25.05.2018.


This policy aims to guarantee compliance with GDPR. THE ADMINISTRATOR defines the following principles in processing personal data of users/clients who have provided their personal data on the website :

  1. Principle of transparency and awareness - the ADMINISTRATOR collects, processes and stores your personal data under clear and transparent conditions. It is of utmost importance to us that you are informed about why and how we perform these processes.
  2. Principle of consent - except in statutory cases (such as for the purposes of providing services from the website, the presence of your voluntary, explicit, informed and unambiguous consent is a prerequisite for the ADMINISTRATOR to collect, process and store your personal data (for example, for the purposes of direct marketing).
  3. Principle of limited collection - the ADMINISTRATOR collects personal data of a minimal volume, solely for the purpose and period of time they are needed to provide the services purchased from the website We process your data for the purposes of executing (and/or concluding) a contract, pursuant to the Distance Contracts Act, for the provision of the service/s purchased by the user/client.
  4. Principle of security and protection - your data are protected and processed in a way that guarantees appropriate security of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using the proper technical or organizational measures.

Trade Fair Trips Ltd. kindly asks you to get acquainted very carefully with the current privacy policies of the website . Anyone who does not wish for their personal data to be processed by the website and the ADMINISTRATOR, respectively, has the right to not provide them. To us, it is important to receive your explicit consent as a client!


  • First name, surname and last name;
  • Telephone number;
  • E-mail address;
  • Gender, age, weight in kg, preferences to certain foods and beverages, health status data /where this is required for the purposes of providing a customized service from the website purchased by the data subject/. These data should be filled out voluntarily by each user/client of the website;
  • Data upon filling and/or updating various forms on our web page, including when creating initial registration, filling out the form for feedback and/or comments or to receive a certain service from the website, or for subscription for the e-mail newsletter;
  • Technical data that is automatically sent to us when you use the web page at the following address: IP address, web browser, OS, information about the device you are visiting the web page from, etc.
  • Cookies for identifying your browser or device.
  • The personal data that may be processed by the ADMINISTRATOR also include all kinds of correspondence/messages such as letters, emails, electronic chat messages, messages through social media networks, requests, complaints, as well as other personal information.
  • Information received from social media networks which you have voluntarily provided in order to access the relevant applications on the website of the ADMINISTRATOR -  on social media networks. 



  • To provide the services requested and/or paid by you on the website;
  • To create a profile for you on the website;
  • To be able to contact you in relation to your requests and/or enquiries about the services provided on the website;
  • To be able to contact you when you have contacted us with regard to other question/s related to the website.
  • For the purposes of the lawful (legitimate) interest of Trade Fair Trips Ltd.;
  • For the purposes of the Accounting Act and the Tax & Insurance Procedure Code and other related normative acts in relation to the keeping of proper and lawful accounting.
  • To inform you, via various communication channels, about updates/changes and news from the website (including surveys, notifications in the app, messages in your profile and emails) that we believe will be of interest to you. 


  • The right to information about and access to your personal data stored by the ADMINISTRATOR;
  • The right to request correction, deletion or limited processing of your personal data;
  • The right to object against processing for reasons related with legitimate interests of yours, public interest or profiling, unless the Administrator shows the existence of protected, reasonable arguments having priority over your own interests, rights and freedoms, or that this processing is being done for the purposes of claiming, exercising or protection in legal claims;
  • The right to data portability;
  • The right to file a complaint via the Personal Data Protection Commission;
  • The right to be able to withdraw, at any given time, your consent for the collection, processing and use of the personal data in the future. 


The data subject shall submit their requests, enquiries and objections to the ADMINISTRATOR at the following e-mail address:


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By visiting the website of the ADMINISTRATOR -, you should become acquainted with and agree with this Privacy policy.

The ADMINISTRATOR reserves the right to change the conditions of this Privacy Policy and will be publishing all changes on this page.

In case you do not agree with the described conditions of the Privacy Policy or the changes in it, you have the right to not use and access the website and/or the services of the ADMINISTRATOR.

The web page of the ADMINISTRATOR - may contain links to websites owned by third parties. These websites (third parties), respectively, have their own data protection policies that the ADMINISTRATOR recommends to data subjects to get acquainted with. The ADMINISTRATOR is not responsible for the personal data protection of these websites and the use of such websites; the responsibility is that of the data subject and he/she bears their own risk of that.

 For all cases not settled by this Policy, the provisions of the Regulation and those of the Bulgarian legislation shall apply. 

This Privacy Policy has been accepted by Trade Fair Trips Ltd. and is effective as of May 2018.