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The general terms and conditions of the website govern the relationship between Trade Fair Trips Ltd. and its clients, in relation to the services offered by the website.

  1. These General Terms and Conditions, hereinafter called GTC, regulate the general rules under which Trade Fair Trips Ltd., through the website and/or applications thereof, provides the following services to its clients - (nutritional plan, workout plan, nutritional plan + workout plan)
  2. These GTC govern the contractual relationship between Trade Fair Trips Ltd. and the clients/users/ of the service/s of the website The GTC described apply to the full content of this website.
  3. “Website” shall mean the official website of Trade Fair Trips Ltd. -
  4. By using the website (all pages of the website) and the applications thereof, you agree to be bound by these GTC. These GTC also regulate individual legal relationships arising from the use of the website
  5. Each user and/or customer of the Website gives their consent to have the personal information provided by them used for the purposes of the website, as well as for the legal relationship arising thereof. It is presumed that by using the website and the registration in it, you are bound by the GTC of, as well as by any of its updates in the form of additions or amendments, etc. Those who do not agree with this item of’s GTC and do not wish to be bound by the GTC of the website ( shall not be allowed to use the website. You are not allowed to be a party to legal relationships arising from the website in the event that you do not agree to be bound by these GTC.
  6. Definition of a Client (user) of a capable, adult (according to the laws of the respective country) individual who uses the services provided by Trade Fair Trips Ltd.
  7. The users of this website are described by the following words - “you”, “consumer”, “client”, “user”.
  8. You agree with the GTC of by using the website - with or without registration, and any information publicly available on the website.
  9. The contents of the website is the property of Trade Fair Trips Ltd. and the use of this content by consumers shall not grant them any proprietary rights over it.
  10. Changes in the GTC of website can be performed by Trade Fair Trips Ltd. at any time. Trade Fair Trips Ltd. reserves its rights to update the GTC without being obliged to inform its consumers and clients of that in any way. The most up-to-date version of the GTC shall be published on the website. Anyone who continues to use the website after getting acquainted with the updates of the GTC shall be presumed to agree with the changes made in it. In case you do not agree with the most up-to-date GTC on the website you should not be using it (the website -
  11. The website provides the service “individual nutritional plan”. This service is provided through a specially programmed software. This software works by analyzing the answers provided by the client/consumer on the preliminary survey on the website that they are required to fill out. Based on the information received from the survey completed by the client, the software generates an individual nutritional plan. The service “workout plan” consists of specially selected workouts that are sent to the client/consumer who has purchased the service.
  12. The contracts and contractual relationship concluded by the website are pursuant to the Distance Contracts Act.
  13. The services on the website may be purchased using the payment methods listed. Prices of the service/s are specified on the website and are fixed. Each service shall only be provided after its prepayment.
  14. All rights of belong to Trade Fair Trips Ltd. Any use and/or distribution of the website and/or logo and/or contents of the website for advertising and/or commercial purposes is forbidden.
  15. Any client/user of the website is informed and agrees that by using the website and/or services on it, they must not:
    1. Fill in data on behalf of another person and/or provide personal data of another person, as well as present themselves as another person.
    2. Make any attempts to obtain unauthorized access to other computer systems through the website.
    3. Use the website for the purposes of receiving personal data/information.
    4. Use and store information from the website for the purposes of reselling/offering services.
    5.  Use the website in a way that could harm the website in any way.
    6. Violate the rules of the website by using it, or use it in a way that violates the applicable law.
  16. The use of the website by consumers/clients must be done in a way that does not prevent others from using it.
  17. The following are protected by law: Logos, trademark and all commercial names, the names of the team members of the website and its derivative applications (for example its social media pages). Trade Fair Trips Ltd.has exclusive rights over them.
  18. It is solely Trade Fair Trips Ltd. that has rights over the trademarks/logos. Their use by any other parties is forbidden.
  19. It is forbidden to use the website and the services provided by it in ways that could lead to misleading the clients/consumers in terms of the quality of the services. Any action that may lead to discrediting, defamation or humiliation of the rights’ holders is strictly forbidden. 
  20. In order to receive and take advantage of the services on the website, each consumer/client is required to share a certain category of personal data/information. This information provided by a client/consumer shall only be used for the purposes of processing and subsequent delivery of the services requested and paid by him/her.
  21. By filling in your information on the website you agree that Trade Fair Trips Ltd. will use it to contact you in connection with related services from the Website that the company offers.
  22. The responsibility upon providing information about your request and plans to any third parties shall be solely yours. Trade Fair Trips Ltd. shall not be liable for this.
  23. The consumer/client shall be responsible and declares that the information provided by them on the website is complete, accurate and correct. The client must provide the e-mail address that Trade Fair Trips Ltd. will use to send the service/s purchased by them to, as well as send updated information from the website.
  24. You may be asked to share information about age, gender and other personal information for the purposes of receiving a customized service by us.
  25. The Consumer/Client declares that he/she agrees that he/she bears the full responsibility for the content, correctness and authenticity of the information provided by him/her.
  26. According to the Consumer Protection Act, the Client/consumer/ has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded within 14 days, in the following cases: Where, before concluding the contract, the Consumer/Client has not been informed by the trader of his/her right to withdrawal; the Client/Consumer cannot return the goods purchased without owing defaults or compensation, where it is not taken into consideration whether the goods or service have been delivered in good standing; the deadline for refunding the amounts received by the client/consumer is within 14 days.
  27. The use of the website is only allowed to persons of age (18 years) or the legal age for the relevant country at which the user/client has the right to conclude contracts independently. This also applies in the cases where that right is acquired at an age of less or over 18 years for the country concerned.
  28. The use of website is forbidden for persons under the legal age and considered minors in the respective country.
  29. Trade Fair Trips Ltd. shall not be responsible in the cases where the consumer/client has submitted incorrect information about their legal age. If Trade Fair Trips Ltd. finds out about receipt of any such information, it shall undertake to delete it as soon as possible.
  30. Each consumer/client shall bear full responsibility for the information provided by him/her, including about their age.
  31. Please contact Trade Fair Trips Ltd. immediately at, if you have information about details submitted by a minor (for the respective country) on the website.
  32. People who have health or nutritional problems may not use the website. When the consumer/client indicates one of the diseases listed in item 3 of the preliminary survey (from the website) that they are required to fill in, they will not automatically receive the service. He/she will be advised to consult a specialist!
  33. People who have problems observing nutritional plans and recommendations and/or have an unfavourable state of health and/or people who can be harmed by a certain nutritional plan in any way may NOT use the website. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 2018 LTD recommends that such people consult their physician.
  34. Each consumer/client can inform themselves on the content of the website on their computer and/or another device, unless otherwise specified in these GTC.
  35. The use of the services on the website, as well as its content, is solely for your personal use.
  36. Anyone using the website confirms and declares that they are doing it for the designated purposes as described in the GTC herein.
  37. The website may be used by legal entities only via authorized representatives of a company/organization, and these legal entities are aware of and accept these GTC.
  38. Anyone using the website for profit shall be obliged to immediately inform Trade Fair Trips Ltd..
  39. Trade Fair Trips Ltd. advises you to consult your GP because the content of the website does NOT cure, it is only for information purposes and does not replace a consultation with a doctor.
  40. Trade Fair Trips Ltd. and the website are not licensed medical education! Trade Fair Trips Ltd. and the website do NOT offer medical services/care/recommendations, we do not possess the required medical qualifications and education for that! With regard to this, we do NOT set and determine any treatments and diagnoses, nor do we provide advice on the treatment of medical problems of any kind! Our team advises you and recommends that you always turn to medical professionals (your GP and/or another qualified medical professional); we cannot predict the effect of a certain diet on a person with a problematic health state and/or even on a person in good health condition. Therefore, you should always consult a qualified doctor before starting any diet/nutritional/workout plan!
  41. Each client/consumer shall assume responsibility and shall be obliged to consult a doctor before beginning any nutritional/sports plan from the website, as well as in the cases where they have questions related to any issues about their health status.
  42. The information received from the website is not sufficient. The Client/Consumer shall be obliged to observe the medical advice of and consult a doctor before starting an individual nutritional/sports plan that you received from the website. The information on cannot replace in any case the consultation with your GP in relation to the use of a nutritional/sports plan received from the website, as well as any other information from it!
  43. Not all nutritional/sports plans are appropriate for everyone and the client/consumer declares that he/she is informed of and understands this.
  44. The client/user declares that he/she is aware that when engaging in a workout program or observing an individual or other diet, there is a risk of physical injury, deterioration of the health state and/or death.
  45. Even at the slightest feeling of malaise, discomfort, pain or other issues, the client/consumer declares that he/she is obliged to immediately stop applying the nutritional/sports plan that they are observing and contact a doctor. If he/she does not do that, the website shall bear no responsibility for his/her actions or inaction.
  46. Each client/consumer declares and certifies that they have received the explicit approval of their GP to apply the nutritional/sports plans offered by the website
  47. Trade Fair Trips Ltd. shall not bear any responsibility for any health problems whatsoever that the client/user may receive as a result of applying a nutritional/sports plan provided by the Website
  48. Each client/consumer declares and states that they use the services of the website voluntarily and at their own risk.
  49. Trade Fair Trips Ltd. and the website shall not bear any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, results and proper use of the information/content received from the Website. The use of information provided by our employees and other persons related with the website (associates of Trade Fair Trips Ltd.), or visitors, is solely at your own risk.
  50. For any criminal prosecution and/or for resolving any litigation, Trade Fair Trips Ltd. reserves the right to disclose information if it is essential to their instigation (of a criminal prosecution and/or for resolving a litigation that has occurred). Trade Fair Trips Ltd. can only disclose the information provided by you on a court decision and, in other cases, where there are sufficient grounds for this to be required by law, in relation to the collection of the amounts owed and/or of the law-enforcement authorities, in the event that this is appropriate or necessary.
  51. The entire content of the website, including texts, survey/test questions, photo material and other information, is subject to copyright.
  52. The client/consumer does not have the right to use the information from the website (by copying, printing it or other) for commercial or other purposes, if by doing so he/she violates the rules provided to the website and Trade Fair Trips Ltd. by law.
  53. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 2010 LTD’s team is located on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  54. The individuals/clients/consumers using the website and the services provided through it from the territory of another country declare and are informed that they do it on their own initiative and are themselves responsible for observing local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable.
  55. For any unresolved issues arising from these General Terms and Conditions, the current Bulgarian legislation shall apply; while the disputes arising from their interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination shall be resolved by the competent Bulgarian court. These General Terms and Conditions, as well as the relationship between us and you are subject to the Republic of Bulgaria’s legislation.
  56. In the event of a delayed processing of a request or the inability to process it due to force majeure and circumstances that are out of the control of Trade Fair Trips Ltd. website team (casual events, Internet problems, force majeure), it shall not be the responsibility of Trade Fair Trips Ltd..
  57. The website shall not be liable in the event of any damages of telecommunication equipment, software or hardware or loss of data resulting from content/information sought, loaded and used in any way through the website.
  58. In consideration of the fact that there are many different factors (out of the website’s control) that could affect the results of the use of the services of the healthylifestylefit website (nutritional/workout plan), the healthylifestylefit website shall not be responsible for whether the client/consumer will achieve certain results by using them.
  59. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 2018 LTD processes, stores, provides, transmits and destroys information containing personal data in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR), in effect as of May 25th 2018. For more information on our confidentiality, information and “COOKIES” policies you can refer to our page PRIVACY POLICY on the website healthylifestylefit.
  60. Trade Fair Trips Ltd. reserves the right to update the current General Terms and Conditions. We kindly ask you to keep checking this page of our General Terms and Conditions to keep track of any changes to them.