Mental health as part of a healthy lifestyle

Dilyana Kalinova 19.06.2019

Widespread is the notion that there is no physical health without a mental health! And this is absolutely true because they are both interconnected and complementary. Our body is a reflection of what's going on inside us. Anxiety usually indicates a physical, current or imminent physical problem that leads to an emotional malaise. Statistics show that 75% of people who suffer from physical illnesses actually have an emotional problem.

But what does mental health actually mean? How do we depend on it and how do we achieve it? We gathered together the most important answers on the subject.

What does mental health represent?

The simplest answer to this question is to feel good and to be a full part of the society in which we live. Mental health is not just an absence of disease, it is a combination of our common well-being, inner equilibrium and harmony that make us most satisfied with what we are and with what we do. It depends on our thoughts, feelings, moods and actions. Typical for a person who enjoys good mental health is that he has the ability to cope with surrounding external factors, to communicate in a proper manner, to develop and to improve.

What are the signs of bad mental health?

Fatigue, irritability, unwarranted fears, permanent anxiety - these are only a small part of the signs that violate the harmony in our lives that make us feel insecure and unbalanced. Of course, being mentally healthy does not mean that we do not go through emotional periods in which we feel depressed, confused or powerless. On the contrary, we all experience such anxious feelings, but it is important that we are able to overcome them, not allow them to conquer and block us emotionally.

What are the factors that affect mental health?

They can be many and diverse - stressful situations, working problems, family, relationships, everyday habits - everything that surrounds us affects our mentality, attitude and values. Here are the most important factors that have a positive impact on our mental health:

1. Positive attitude towards the world

Fate continually throws us dilemmas and always makes us choose - we lose something, we get something else in return. The key to harmony is the balance between the lost and the received. To enjoy stable mental wellbeing, we must learn to balance our thoughts and emotions, our words and our actions. We need to look at our surroundings with a positive attitude and try to control our minds because thoughts have the power to create but also to destroy things.

If we get a good look around us, we will realize that our live is a reflection of our thoughts. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to have a positive attitude towards ourselves and the world we live in. The subconscious is also an important part of maintaining good health because weather or not we realize it – it is always working in the back of our head. If we fail to put some effort into influencing it - only negative thoughts will come to it, that are capable of destroying us emotionally. That is why we must try to eradicate the "black" thoughts that can disturb our mental balance and make us irritable and restless.

2. Balanced lifestyle

Mental health depends to a large extent on our physical well-being. It is the result of the way we live. Statistics show that the more people exercise, the less they suffer from mental issues. Physical exercise has the ability to tone us, drive out negative thoughts, and forces us to focus in the right direction. On the other hand, immobilization and lack of any activity slows down all the functions of the body, resulting in fatal consequences for both physical and mental health. In addition to intensive workouts, we need to provide our body with the vital elements of a healthy lifestyle - quality food, rest, entertainment and sleep. All of our habits have an impact on our mentality, and it is therefore of the utmost importance to find the balance that gives us physical and mental strength.

3. Diversity and new activities

The fact is that monotony kills us slowly and surely, and besides, it is a prerequisite for the birth of negative thoughts and feelings. In order to avoid and eliminate them, we need to focus on the things in life that have the most positive impact on us. Here the choice is strictly individual: a walk in the nature, meeting new people, developing personal skills and new endeavors. To balance our emotions also helps music, books, motivating films -everything we can find inspiration and incentive to rediscover new horizons.

The most practical method of controling our thoughts is the habit of continuously engaging them with activities according to a predefined plan. The secret to good mental health is to find those things we love that make us happy and put all our energy into them.

Generally speaking, the body is a temple of the soul because physical health is a reflection of our inner peace. A person who enjoys good mental health feels satisfied with his or her life, has a positive attitude towards himself, the world and the people who surround him. He is able to develop his potential, enjoy life and fell good among his family, friends and colleagues.

"Healthy spirit in a healthy body!" - up-to-date, accurate and enlightening!

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