Close up: Tihomir Bodurski - Your Personal Motivator on the Path to Your Desired Body

Dilyana Kalinova 19.09.2019

We present you Tihomir Bodursky, part of the team of Healthy LIFESTYLE - a qualified trainer who prepares individual programs, including: exercise + diet and detox.
He is a graduate of the STAINER ACADEMY Fitness and Business Academy in England and the Professional Instructor Fitness Academy in Bulgaria. He is also completing a professional international certification from the American Council on Exercise.

In front of a diverse audience worldwide, he conducts trainings and participates in seminars on nutrition and sports habits, motivation and purification of the body. His clients are of different nationality, age and profession. As an international fitness trainer, Tihomir's mission is to improve the health of people everywhere in the world.

If we had to define it in three words, they would be: hard-working, successful, stubborn! His clients describe him as motivating, focused, demanding and achieving optimum results! Let him tell us more about himself.

- Hi, Tisho. Tell us how you started working out on training programs and diet regimens.

Before not too long ago, I was part of one of the largest Taekwondo clubs - Condor 2000 and competed for a long time, and then taught but had to undergo surgery because of a hereditary illness. Since I could no longer compete, I began to train my body in a different way - in the gym, but I was always maximalist and wanted to know every movement technique, how and when to breathe, what the proper posture was - so I passed through training in several academies, including in London, and I am currently driving one in the US - so that I can encourage people to go the healthier path and make sure I do it properly.

- Personal trainer or self-training - which is more effective?

I would answer that each of the two has its advantages. In order to achieve the desired results, the use of professional services is not the only and a prerequisite, but here is a point to note that if we want change and want to achieve it ourselves, we must make an informed choice based on a lot of reading and research in specialized literature, to help us filter out what is best for our body (food and exercise). This of course often takes a long time!

This is precisely the role of the personal trainer - to propose the best methods in order to achieve the best results.

- Why do you think we need to use the services of a professional coach?

Everyone is different, they have different weight, strength, endurance and physical endurance. Therefore, it is quite possible for a diet or exercise that, in some, work, in others, will not work. This is exactly what professional help is needed through which to arrive at the right program that meets the personal characteristics of a person. Here are some of the most important benefits of using a personal trainer:

  • Programming your program according to the needs of your body, the personal instructor will offer you the most effective workouts.
  • It will make sure that you do the exercises correctly and will give you guidance for even more effective workload
  • It will teach you how to train individually in the gym or at home.
  • It will motivate you to keep going.

The fact is that statistics show the following: 75% of regular trainees do not achieve the desired results due to lack of motivation or misleading information they obtained. 90% of those who succeed with their goals train with a personal trainer. This is because it is the professional personal trainer who understands your wishes and needs, sees your capabilities and helps you achieve the desired results.

- What positive changes occur in the body after a person has chosen a workout program combined with a proper diet?

- People have different needs, in the initial consultation the personal instructor understands what the person's goals are against him and works on the basis of individual physical data, medical recommendations and physical tests. There will always be results, and they will remain at a level as long as one adheres to the recommendations, which in most cases proves to be the hardest part of achieving success.

One of the major health benefits of regular physical activity is that it normalizes glucose, insulin, and leptin levels, thereby optimizing insulin / leptin receptor sensitivity. This is one of the most important factors for the health and prevention of chronic diseases.

All vital functions in the body are improved and the results will be visible: cleansed skin, tone and energy, restful sleep, elimination of stress, anxiety and other anxious feelings. A workout program combined with the right diet is the best that a person can choose for themselves and their health in the long run. If a person is self-disciplined, has the will and desire to achieve results, then the path to change is not so steep! There is no way that efforts remain unrewarded!

- What do you understand uder 'Good Diet'?

- Again -- it is individual and it depends on the individual. The best diet is one that can be followed for a long period of time and every 3 or 6 months changes depending on the change in your body, the amount of training per week, various diseases or complaints, if any.

There is no magic formula for a healthy diet that is 100% applicable to everyone because we are different. But there are rules that are common to all of us - if you want to gain weight you need to eat more calories than you burn daily, and if you want to lose weight or need to reduce your calorie intake, or you should not eat in a given amount of time.

- Let's talk about detox. What exactly is it and what are its benefits to the body?

- I can figuratively make the following comparison - metaphorically, the body is like a car, made up of different systems that control processes. Our body is daily attacked by aggressive factors such as: consumption of preservatives, enhancers, flavors, sweeteners, GMO products, Hormones from outside sources, dirty air and smoking, stress and derived hormones from stress, poor eating habits, many more. As a result of the accumulation of excessive amounts of harmful toxins over the years, the body begins to slow down its own life processes and as a result one feels constantly tired, irritable, restless, puffed up, retaining water

Detoxification is the method by which the body can release itself from harmful substances. There are different methods of detoxification, but the goal is one, throwing away metabolic waste and free radicals to improve overall health. The benefits are a fresher appearance, better tone and concentration, quality sleep, improved function of all organs in the body.

- How do we stay focused and motivated to withstand the nutrition and exercise regimen we have chosen?

- The word "withstand" is superfluous here! Success lies behind hard work, motivation and most of all desire! A personal trainer, whether it is a physical trainer or a nutrition consultant, is dedicated to helping you get in shape and to make sure that the exercises you do are comfortable. That is my role - to suggest the most appropriate program, which includes a variety of nutrition and training, tailored to the individual.

It is important to note that when you follow the right training and nutrition program, one feels in harmony with oneself, because it is tailored to one's personal preferences, habits and abilities, which is paramount! You have to like your diet so you don't "weigh" and count the days until the end.

In fact, the best diet is one that is balanced and that offers you not only restrictions, but creates healthy lifelong habits.

- What is your motivation? What is the key to success?

- Motivation has different dimensions - it can be good and bad, positive and negative and now I will give you such examples, drawn from my experience. Motivation can be found in everything that surrounds us, as long as we have eyes and senses to recognize and recognize it as our own! It can be found in nice music we heard by accident outside or in our car. The motivation can be found in a good book or a movie, as well as in some success story. This is good motivation, but let's talk about the negative as well.

It is one that relies solely on the words "I have to..", but without consequence. "I have to gain 55 pounds", "I have to have a six pack!". but apart of the big desire the necessary actions are missing. When there is no effort, persistence, and only demand - motivation is doomed to failure.

If the positive motivation means to go to the gym to have results, then the negative one would mean to train, because you are afraid of the results if you do not go. The key to success hides in your actions and will power!

- How do you chill out after the busy work day?

- I go to the fitness or read different studies and interesting materials on topics connected with the functions of the human body. Very regularly my morning begins in 6:30, and my day finishes in 12 at night, especially on weekdays, I always spare at least one hour to relax by myself. I believe rest is really important for every human being to function properly.

- Please send a message to our readers.

Remember this: No one is going to take care of you or build your body but you! Health is the most valuable asset and when it’s in question don’t search for excuses and justifications! “I don’t have time!”, “I don’t have money and no one to go with!” – these are justifications, which will cost you much more in the future, if you don’t take the necessary actions now. If you do something – do it right or do not start at all.

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