How to replace the time spent in front of the screen with more activities

Dilyana Kalinova 14.08.2019

Do you feel emotionally exhausted when you haven't done much during the day? If you are shaking your head of approval, then you should probably replace the screen with more activities. Make an estimate of how many hours a day you spend in front of it and once you draw the line, the resulting figure will shock you.
Unlike in the past, when work was mainly related to manual labour, today it is automated. We operate machines, various devices, equipment - inevitably, our lives have changed! But the body and its needs are the same - it needs to move in order to function properly and as a result of immobilization and too long stagnation in front of the screen, problems pop up one after the other - impaired vision, low back pain, inability to concentrate, etc. Although it is inevitable, because today requires hours of work to be engaged in front of the monitor, you may want to think about how to limit your screen time and how to find the balance to be healthier, more toned and focused!


The truth is that small gadget make our everyday life easier and fit within our entire world - work schedules, communication with friends, photos and videos, and somehow, even imperceptibly, this "useful" technique eats up our time. The findings suggest that the desired use of a laptop may have an effect in the first place, with effects such as sleep problems, loss of focus and ability to concentrate. Aimless scrolling on social networks is not a necessity, but a habit! A habit that most times carry risks unheard of for our health and peace of mind. If you are determined that it is time for a change, check out our practical tips on how to limit your time spent unreasonably in the company of your favourite smartphone.

Find out how long you have been using your phone

If you need some extra motivation to quit aimlessly digging into your phone, you can use some statistics. There are several apps (Quality Time for Android and Moment for iOS) that track the time you used your phone during the day and inform you if you exceeded the daily, recommended limit. You are very likely to see how much time you waste trying to change things to your advantage.

Switch to offline mode

Has it happened to you for the sake of checking a notification that you unknowingly lose half an hour of pointless browsing on your phone? We have an idea: Turn off notifications on your phone! Yes, that's right, the world will not end if you do it, nor will you miss something that knows what. If there is something really important that concerns you, then the phone still has a ring option and your loved ones can contact you! It is a good idea after you go home from work to switch it to aeroplane mode for at least one hour, switch it off completely, or at least stop its beeps. This will put an end to the impulse to check your phone every time it "tickles". Give yourself a break from the hefty notifications that pop up from all kinds of apps and sites.

Restrict access to your phone

You really don't need your phone to be at your fingertips ... constantly, especially at home! You don't need it when you sit down to eat, when you're in the bathroom while watching a movie, or reading a book. You set intervals during the day without a phone, and at home deliberately put it in a place that you can hear if it rings, but not in close proximity to you so that you are not tempted.

Activity Ideas

Anyway, after work, you must have a bunch of commitments. Take advantage of being offline and engaging in something useful and enjoyable for you - meeting a friend, taking a walk with your family, preparing some interesting and healthy recipes, exercising at home or in the gym. Invest your time in relaxation the way you love. There are so many possibilities! Spending time without a phone will be as valuable as possible, because without the presence of distractions you will be more focused.
Think of something important: If you add up the amount of time you spend with your phone, you'll probably get plenty of workout time during the week. Replace mindless staring with walking, running, sports, activities that will tone your body. Enjoy some magnificent views of the nearest park you may have been through, staring at the glowing screen. Remember, every time you go aimlessly in your phone, you are missing something from the real world around you, invigorating color - smiles, spontaneity, new acquaintances, beautiful panorama ... Is it worth it?


The time spent in front of the TV also "eats" much of many people's time. We have ideas on how to replace the senseless hanging in front of your TV screen, I think they are useful! To eradicate some of your cherished habits, we do not need to replace them with another! Here are some helpful tips:

Put a limit on it

It's not going on without restriction! Set a weekly time to watch TV. Record time spent on the screen so you can control how much time you spend on TV.

Combine the useful with the pleasant

Also, a good idea is watching TV to do exercises! Why not ride a veloergometer? This way you will maximize your time to the max!

Find an alternative that makes you happy

Take a pen and paper and make two tables. Let one row to have activities to do outside and the other to have activities at home. Write down all your favorite things that come to mind: a picnic in the nature, a bike ride, or a rickshaw, an upcoming show you want to watch, a concert, or events of a different nature. You can also save homework waiting for the right time. And you can set yourself an evening for board games to play with your family. Put the activity sheet on the fridge for your convenience. That way, every time you get bored, instead of reaching for the remote control, you can choose an activity that will not only seal your time, but also charge you positively!

Think about the positives

And they are more time for family and loved ones and healthier relationships! Two hours of TV viewing a day can be replaced with two hours of reading a useful book or social networking time. Use the good time outside and have fun! If you manage to fill your time with some pleasant and useful activity, you will feel the change yourself. You will be much more focused on your daily tasks, toned and motivated. If you are standing in front of the TV, the chance of it happening is zero.


Technology has long its place in our lives a long time ago. Inevitably, most people all day work on computers that have become a loyal ally, facilitating everyday life. There is no way to limit this time spent in front of the monitor, but it is nice to pause at least 10 minutes every hour and a half. In this mini-vacation, it's nice to move, get out in the daylight, and talk to someone to get distracted. Precisely because you are 8-10 hours in front of your computer after you finish your work responsibilities, you should forget about staring at the screen, whatever it is - computer, TV, tablet, or phone. Relationships between people, good feelings and emotions - remember that they are part of the real-life that is beyond virtual reality!

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