How to clean up your home and achieve harmony

Healthy Lifestyle 25.09.2019

Redesign for a healthy lifestyle.

We often keep things at home that we once thought were useful and of value to us, but over time our attitude towards the objects has changed and they prove useless.

At the same time, we did not part with them, whether for lack of time, a dose of indecision, or just ignorance of where to begin.

We delay in time, and things continue to pile up. ATTENTION! Our home is a place to live, not a place to store.

Why Clean Up Your Home?

Lately, more and more people are turning to a minimalist lifestyle - throwing away everything unnecessarily and focusing only on what they really need, the benefits are obvious: less stress, a cozy, harmonious and tidy home, saving finances, - easy maintenance and cleaning.

But the most remarkable reason is actually the release of energy. Yes, that's right - every object carries its energy! When we are surrounded by old objects, broken, or simply unnecessary, our vital energy binds into them.

And when we get rid of these elements, we make room for new opportunities! Home cleansing of withered things is, in fact, an "emotional re-design" that allows us to reorient our mind and energy.

What to Clear Out?

The attic, the home office, the storage room, the boxes on the wardrobe, or under the bed, the hallway - everything is stuffed with objects! When we look around and concentrate we will find items that we do not even remember when and why we put them in these places. If by opening different rooms we find all kinds of known and unknown things, then the time has come to roll up our sleeves and start cleaning!

Where to Start and How to Act?

There are a number of methods on how to deal with piles of unnecessary items in your home. We have selected a few that really work!

Option I - Sort by category

For some, it's easiest to see what they have in a room to store everything they own in a particular category, whether it be clothes, books, household utensils, etc. If we choose this option, we have to look at all the rooms and put together all the things we have chosen.

After we have packed things in the middle of the room, we need to split our items into three categories:

  1. Those we need and want to keep
  2. Those we do not need and we will throw away
  3. Those we are not sure about - sometimes we wonder how to judge whether something will be useful to us in the future, so we use this trick: if there are items we did not use a year or two ago, the chance we use the them again in the future it is almost zero. There will also be such subjects where the choice will be more difficult, but in order to judge, we must ask ourselves the question: "Does this object cause me positive emotions when I hold it / look at it?" we may part with it because its value is not paramount to us. This is a great and easy way to simplify home cleaning. Once we have identified the potential treasures from the pile of possessions, the subsequent organizational part is much easier.

Option II - Arranging by Space

Another idea is to do the cleaning by room. We choose the kitchen, the nursery, the bedroom and start slower, drawer by drawer to pull out all the things they contain, again putting them in three boxes: necessary, unnecessary and those for which we hesitate. If we choose this option, we can do a gradual cleaning of the home.

Option III - Seasonal Cleaning

The change of seasons is the perfect time for renovation, redesign, cleaning. It is then that we are most likely to feel a surge of energy to create new home projects - repainting, relocating, throwing away gadgets. The so-called spring cleaning is so popular because in sync with the waking nature outside, a desire for flourishing is also born here.

Psychologists advise people who need a special time to clean the house to choose spring, because the influx of positive energy in a person then prevails and so separation from things is as painless as possible. It can be dramatic especially if the items in question are related to some emotional moment from the past.

What to do with gifts that have only accumulated over the years?

Gifts from friends and family are thoughtful and well-intentioned, but sometimes they just aren't to our liking and are maturing on shelves, wardrobe and storage space aimlessly. How do we judge if we are ready to part with them? There are questions we can ask ourselves that will make our choices easier - here are some of them:

Do we need this gift?

What feelings does it provoke in us as we watch it?

How would we feel if we parted with it and it is no longer home?

Everybody has one - visitor magnets, tourist souvenirs, brochures, candlesticks ... we have to think about all the little things that surround us. It's important to remind ourselves that letting go of what no longer serves us will create a space for fresh energy, new activities and joy to come into our lives. To make the moment of separation with an item full of emotional memories easier, it is important to realize that the very act of releasing unnecessary things carries a sense of relief, hope and renewed energy.

Another tactic to decide what to throw away is to stack all those souvenirs, gifts, memories in one place and make three piles to sort objects - those that fill us with positive emotion, those that carry the negative and those that have neutral. Relying on our intuition, we can sift ourselves with what we can part with and what not.

In fact, we may even feel comfortable parting with objects, especially those that remind us of painful periods in our past. If we find it hard to throw them away, it's a good idea to remind ourselves that "The past is a good place to visit, but we wouldn't want to live there."

We may even find joy in separation with one of our things when we hand it over to another person. There are a number of donations aimed at needy people who will gladly accept your excess clothes, shoes, utensils and other household items.

In fact, consciously cleaning your home is the equivalent of bringing balance, comfort, health, eliminating stress! This process is meaningful and simple! All we have to do is ask ourselves if we are ready to get rid of unnecessary junk and make order at home.

And since every beginning is difficult, here are some creative ways to get started:

Let's Make a List

Things can happen in an organized and controlled way by setting specific deadlines.

We can create a list of places/areas in your home to start with the easiest (drawers in the living room, closet in the bedroom, storage cabinets in the closet, etc.) by noting the specific area with a deadline.

In this way, home cleaning can be done easily, in stages, by listing specific actions in our daily schedule with other tasks.

Challenge 12-12

It's easy, we just have to look around and find in our home 12 items to throw away and 12 items to donate. This can be a really fun way to get things organized quickly in our house. And when we do it again and again, we can instil in ourselves the desire to live with fewer things.

The Method of 4 Boxes

Choose one area from your home and start sorting your belongings into boxes that are named: for disposal, recycling, repair, gift. The distribution between several categories definitely makes it easier to choose, the process of cleavage will be more dynamic and the result much faster.

What change will take place in our lives after we clear our home of all dust collecting vectors and we move towards a minimalist lifestyle?

“We'll make room for the really important things in our home, so it'll be tidier and cosier, loaded with positive energy!

  • We will give freedom to our premises and we will be happier!
  • We will be able to spend more time for ourselves and for our favourite hobbies because maintaining our home will be much easier and faster!
  • We will give you relaxation and more mental peace! Empty spaces that are not cluttered with all sorts of objects bring peace!
  • We will be more confident and independent of material benefits! Material goods often act as a burden, and when we get rid of it we will feel more confident and invulnerable!

Let us restore the balance of our lives through a simpler life, cleared of unnecessary quantities of possessions.


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